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Tungsten Design And Creative Services

Tungsten Design, a sole-proprietorship owned and operated by Thomas Maiaroto Jr. was registered in December of 2005 in the state of Pennsylvania and started business in January 2006.

The company will offer graphic design services to clients from all over, but is based in New Hope, Bucks County, PA. Tungsten Design is able to handle clients from remote location thanks to Thomas Maiaroto’s online project management software. This software, “Galileo,” does more than allow clients to see their project come together. “Galileo” is also responsible for client relationship management, scheduling, prospecting, and more. It runs the business from a management point of view. This saves time and eliminates the need to hire a manager for the business. This is extremely good considering the business is new, of course, and every minute that can be dedicated elsewhere greatly helps the company

“Galileo” is a fork off various other PHP scripts found on the internet and some of which were abandoned projects. Like all good software, it took little parts from many places and then further unique additions to make it just right. It is completely customized to Tungsten Design’s needs and to the needs of its clients. Clients can login, see what’s going on, communicate, leave messages, share files, see proofs, and more.

Tungsten Design was started by Thomas Maiaroto after his employment as art director for LifeStyle Magazine in 2005. Prior to this, Thomas Maiaroto graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC with a BFA in Graphic Design. Studying under world-famous professors, Thomas was able to use his education to greatly benefit LifeStyle Magazine during his last semester at college. Some of the guidelines and practices set forth by Thomas for the magazine continue to remain in use still.

Thomas believes that the importance of the grid, precise, effective, and clean layout in design is paramount. This philosophy has been carried into Tungsten Design. For instance, LifeStyle Magazine was designed based on the “Golden Section” a mathematical ratio that has been used by artists throughout the centuries. This ratio is regarded as very pleasing to the eye. Since his graduation, advanced research and study into grid systems, usability, and human psychology has been part of Thomas’ continued study. His self-education into PHP programming and internet marketing has also helped him further become a valuable provider for his clients and the industry.

While Tungsten Design is a new company, it remains very flexible. Thomas’ time is dedicated to many paid and volunteered projects under the umbrella of Tungsten Design. Due to the way the company is setup, it will be sure to have a solid foundation for years to come. It is in part thanks to the flexibility and “Galileo” that company overhead is reduced and time is saved. Thomas Maiaroto also works with local, well-known and award-winning photographer, Robert Hall. Thomas currently studies under Robert for photography​